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A careless driving ticket with an accident or without is highly damaging to your driving record and insurance rates. We have the experience to greatly minimize the impact.

How Your Careless Driving Charge Impacts You

Careless Driving, sometimes referred to as reckless driving, is the most serious moving violation in Alberta traffic law. It carries 6 demerits and an insurance premium increase identical to impaired driving! That means thousands of extra dollars out of your pocket over the next three years if a reckless driving charge ends up on your record.

There are two main ways to get a careless driving ticket:

Careless Driving Ticket with an Accident

Careless Driving is most commonly used in motor vehicle accidents. The test for the court is to determine if the Crown’s evidence proved the defendant (that’s you) “failed to keep a proper look out”. As you can imagine, there are myriad ways to bring that proof at trial. Our task is to analyze the evidence against you and plot a strategy to ensure a careless driving ticket with an accident never makes it to your driving record.

Careless Driving Charge without an Accident

Careless Driving is also used frequently for non-accident incidents. Judges and prosecutors define careless driving as “driving without reasonable consideration for others” and are typically looking for evidence to support that definition in those instances. Again, a vast array of circumstances can lead to a careless driving charge being laid, including pairing it up with a high speed ticket (more about that here). As it is with many traffic law infractions, the officer has discretion to issue whatever charge he/she feels is appropriate for the facts of the case.

So Why Use The Pointman in Fighting a Careless Driving Ticket?

Up until now, everything you’ve read seems like pretty bad news. The good news is that in more than 30 years defending Alberta drivers we’ve never lost while fighting a Careless Driving charge. We promise we’ll get you out from under this very serious violation, all while ensuring you never need to see the inside of a court room... that’s our job!

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