High Speed Tickets – Excessive Speeding in Alberta

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If your speeding ticket is 50 km/h or less over the posted limit, you’ll want to read this page.

Why Your High Speed Ticket is Different than Regular Speeding Tickets

When it comes to excessive speeding Alberta courts are really tough. If you’re caught going more than 50 km/h over the speed limit you enter the suspension zone. You’ll receive a speeding ticket summons that has no out-of-court fine listed. It orders you to appear in front of a judge.

Police often issue you a pair of tickets when they charge you for excessive speed, giving you a Careless Driving ticket as well. Read up on the impact of Careless Driving tickets and you’ll discover that’s an intimidating prospect to say the least.

If you retain our service to fight these tickets, you’ll know our more than 30 years experience means your defense will be effective... and you won’t even need to be there for that court appearance. We take care of all of that.

Why You Want The Pointman to Help You Fight Your Excessive Speeding Ticket

All our Alberta court prosecutors take a hard line when it comes to Alberta excessive speeding law but they all have different views on how they choose to settle a court summons for speeding. It’s our job to make sure we know who does what. Getting your file to the appropriate prosecutor is by far the most critical element for your speeding summons defence. Through more than 30 years of fighting tickets in the greater Calgary area, you can trust us to know who to go to, and what to do when we’re in that resolution meeting.

What to Expect When We Fight Your High Speed Ticket

Stopping a high speed ticket from appearing on your record saves you thousands of dollars on future insurance premiums. Our primary goal is to resolve your file with no suspension but if we're certain you'll be suspended, we'll tell you right at the beginning… no candy coating. You need to make an informed decision about dealing with this serious charge and in our Free consultation we’ll take the time to make everything very clear. We take on your excessive speed file with the intention to negotiate the lowest fine possible along with the shortest possible term of suspension.

If you have an excessive speeding ticket, there’s still hope of avoiding suspension. That often depends on which prosecutor controls the courtroom… and you can bet we know who’s who in the prosecutor’s office.

This is a process you most certainly DO NOT want to face alone. Contact us for accurate speeding summons advice during a FREE, no obligation, consultation.

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