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Q: I got a speeding ticket. There is just a fine to pay. Is there any way to make it a lower amount?

A: Yes. The prosecutors are typically willing to reduce the original fine in exchange for a guilty plea.

Q: hi Randal, i got pulled over recently for fail to stop at stop sign. what actually happened was I slowly roll pass the stop sign. what can I do for the ticket.

A: If you just rolled it, as opposed to blowing through it at the speed limit or higher, then there are many options available for us to negotiate a resolution to keep the ticket off your record or at the very least significantly reduce the offence and fine while saving a demerit point at the same time.

Q: Hi. I have a few questions. Im down to two demerits I believe and have a whole bunch of parking tickets as well as speeding tickets. How can you help?

A: We don’t defend parking tickets because they don’t go on your record, and the original fine on the tickets is as low as the City prosecutor will go. As for speeding tickets, please give me a call at (403) 690-6773 and we can review what you have and what needs doing to protect your license from suspension and your insurance going up.

Q: I got a ticket for tints but my fiancee has a skin condition that permits tints on a vehicle. He even has a note backing it up from his doctor.  The car however, is under my name. Is there a chance I can fight this ticket? I also forgot to renew the registration on my vehicle, I got consumed with exams and let's face it, who looks at their plate? I didn't get a letter in the mail for a reminder either.

A: Typically the letter would apply only to a vehicle that is owned by the person to whom the medical letter was issued. The law says we all have to be diligent about out license and registration renewals – which can be really tough with our busy lives these days. The $310.00 fine for your unregistered vehicle can certainly be reduced. Give me a call at (403) 690-6773 and we can have a longer discussion about how we may be able to help. It’s not a defense to say you didn’t get a notice in the mail.

Q: I just got a speeding ticket and the cop spelled my name wrong does that still mean it was me?

A: Unfortunately a misspelled name is not grounds to throw out a ticket...  However there may be other ways around this.  A quick phone call would sort it all out. Call me at (403) 690-6773. It could still be well worth the few minutes it takes...

Q: Where Is your office I have a hit and run ticket and would like to save my Lisiece

A: Actually there's no reason to go anywhere. We make it simple to have traffic tickets dealt with. See our "Easy No Brainer System" page and it will fill you in on how we make fighting traffic tickets so very easy.

Q: Hi, not sure how your service works? I do have a ticket I want to contest

A: Usually a quick phone call is all it takes to get things moving forward. You can call (403) 690-6773 or if you can let me know your phone number, I can have Randall Hicks call you in a little bit.

Q: Hey got a question for u if I am in alberta and I drive to bc with no winter tires will I be fined if I got cought ?

A: There's no ticket for that... just be careful.

Q: Hello Sir, I work for a car dealership, I was driving a company car when I was pulled over for distracted driving.  Before I was pulled over. The light was red so I picked up my phone because a client was calling. The light turned green but the client was still talking so I did not hang up. I put it down after I crossed the intersection and that's when I got pulled over by an officer who was merging from the other direction. I did not have Bluetooth set up because that wasnt my car. What could I have done in that situation. These cops nowadays dint really wanna listen to reasoning so I never bothered explaining it to him

A: Unfortunately the distracted driving law is really quite inflexible right now as far as the prosecutors are concerned. That’s because the law says we cannot look at, manipulate, or otherwise hold/use our phones while driving. Driving by definition includes being stopped at a traffic light. That said, you may be a candidate for some leniency given the circumstances so please give me a call for a brief discussion.

NOTE: View our Traffic Ticket Tip about exactly this situation for more information about cell phone operation while driving.

Q: Hello I have a question for you. I received a speeding ticket on the way to Calgary south health hospital.  My wife being 6 months and change pregnant fell down the stairs and was being taking to emerg at the women's health clinic by her teaching colleague.  I was in a bit of a panic driving there and was clocked at 147 in a 110 zone on the Alberta number 1 highway.  Cop didn't really believe me where i was going in a hurry but said get a doctors note and go to court.  Any chance I could get it reduced or dropped completely. Thanks for your time.

A: The police get this reason all the time, hence the lack of compassion from the officer. A note from the doctor won't give you post-event permission to speed, and the law doesn't consider these sorts of circumstances applicable for a 'defense of necessity'. I know that sounds quite heartless but the standard for that particular defense is 'life or death' circumstances. That said, it is available to the prosecutors to show whatever flexibility they deem appropriate. Please give me a call at (403) 690-6773 and we can chat about how we can make a doctor’s note work for you.

Q: Hello, I have a pink slip ticket to fight, I was driving 165 km/h on highway, and I came over the hill, did not see and lights on the cops were completely hidden in the dark, I did not see him until he put his sirens on. My number one concern is that I just got a job starting to apprentice as a millwright in calgary and I live in okotoks and I am attending school part time and work in the afternoon. I would like to know what you charge, and if I am garrenteed to keep my licence.

A: There are many elements to your defense we need to chat about because the stakes are so high for you. We cannot offer a guarantee as that is not permitted in Alberta law. That said, by the time we’re finished reviewing your file you’ll know what your chances are of getting out of this without a license suspension. No candy-coating here – we’ll be brutally honest with you and will make sure you’re thoroughly informed before you make a decision about retaining us to represent you.

Q: If parking patrol makes an error on the ticket (wrong vehicle make/model) can I fight that and get rid of it?

A: Interesting question. We don't deal directly with parking tickets but I'll tell you what I do know... The prosecution in the courtroom is entirely based on the license plate number, and that is obviously not going to kaka the info on the ticket. I would contact the parking ticket complaint line (noted on your tag) and report this error. If they're competent, they'll withdraw the ticket. Let me know what their decision is please.

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Traffic Ticket Tip: U-Turns

You missed your turn, but as you come up to a traffic light, you make a quick and SAFE U-Turn. You’re just nicely on your way when you see the flashing lights behind you. Maybe you knew that one… but do you REALLY know where to make a legal u-turn? You might be surprised at the places you can’t.

Alberta U-turn laws can be seriously confusing and quite surprising to many drivers.

You cannot make a U-turn at a traffic light intersection… the colour of the light makes no difference. If it’s green though, at least you won’t get an extra ticket for disobeying a red light.

You also cannot make a U-turn at alley intersections and private driveways. Store parking lots and residential driveways are a Big NO-NO as well.

...and you cannot make a u-turn mid-block (between intersections).

So Where Can You Make a Legal U-Turn?

You can only make U-turns at intersections controlled by stop signs or yield signs and also uncontrolled intersections... period.

Please make sure you do it safely though or you could qualify for another traffic ticket called “Unsafe Left Turn” or "Fail to Yield Right of Way".

So now you know about U-Turns... what about 4-Way Stops?

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Traffic Ticket Tip: Unsafe Left Turns

You’re waiting to turn left in the intersection, the light turns yellow, or worse, red. You are now faced with the most dangerous move a driver has to make, what do you do?

The most serious accidents… often very serious injury and fatalities… occur in these circumstances. We’re talking about making an Unsafe Left Turn. If you see a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction, even though your light may have just turned red, you must not begin your turn until you are absolutely certain you can complete the turn in safety. That means you have not interfered with the progress of the oncoming vehicle in any way.

What does ‘absolutely certain’ look like?

Here’s what a judge would want to know from the facts: you saw the vehicle, you assessed its rate of speed being such that the driver would be able to stop safely, AND you saw the vehicle slowing down enough that it was reasonable to anticipate it was stopping.

So often we see clients charged with Unsafe Left Turn when they turned simply because their light turned red and they wanted to get out of the way as fast as possible. If it’s not absolutely certain the oncoming vehicle is going to stop then you MUST wait for it to go through. EVEN if it is going to run the red light! The onus on the left turning driver is HUGE to “complete the turn in safety.”

If an accident occurs, both drivers will usually be charged… one for Unsafe Left Turn and the other for Fail to Stop for a Red Light. Those trials are always a real brawl… and that’s our specialty.

Why is it so very important to fight your traffic ticket?

Find out how easy it is to fight your traffic ticket with our "Easy No Brainer System".

Looking for More Traffic Ticket Tips?

You can find them here.

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