Fight Your Traffic Tickets Alberta!

Trying to fight traffic tickets isn’t fun... who has time to research the moving violation ticket, deal with traffic court lineups and then walk away less than happy with the result? This leads many to believe just paying their ticket is the only way to go.

Why Fight Your Traffic Violation Ticket, Alberta?

Many people don’t realize that it’s about more than just saving money on the fine. Just paying traffic tickets, actually means you've put a conviction on your driving record, which in turn increases your insurance premiums… costing enormous amounts of extra money you shouldn't have to pay. Read more about this here…

Why Use The Pointman to Fight Traffic Tickets?

We’re experienced… We’re effective… We’re efficient… We’re honest… We’re really low pressure… we're available (you may just be surprised when we return messages or answer the phone… even after hours!) Find out more here…

Find out how easy it really is to fight your traffic ticket with our "Easy No Brainer System"

Moving Violation Tickets We Fight

Because Everybody Just LOVES Fighting Traffic Tickets!

Our "Easy No Brainer System" makes the process effective, yet so very simple so you can just get on with your life!

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Contact Us to Save Money, Time, Stress, AND Never See the Inside of a Courtroom!

What The Pointman Will Do for You:
  • Contact you quickly once we receive your information (just a 5 minute phone call is usually all it takes)
  • Appear in traffic court so you never have to go to court
  • Argue your case with prosecutors and in front of a traffic court judge
  • Reduce or eliminate your traffic ticket, demerit points & protect your insurance premiums from increasing
  • Save you money, time & give you peace of mind
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