Our Easy No Brainer System

Fight That Ticket In Minutes... Get On With Your Life!

If you got a traffic ticket and with a simple phone call could get the courts to decrease the fine, remove the demerit points and protect your insurance premiums… would you?

If you answered, "Yes!" you've come to the right place.

You can get that ticket "taken care of" quickly and easily. You won't need to go anywhere...no searching for parking to meet someone in an office building downtown... and best of all... forget about spending any time in a courtroom! That's our job.

Easy No Brainer SystemAll Pointman consultations are FREE. There's never any charge just to talk to us.

The "EZ No Brainer System":

EZ NO BS Step1Step#1 - Contact us about your ticket:

Choose one: use the easy web form email your name & phone# call (403) 690-6773 message us on Facebook

We often respond in minutes (even after business hours) but always as quickly as we can. We’ll establish the basic idea of your need and ask you to proceed to step #2…

EZ NO BS Step1Step#2 - Send us a picture of your ticket:

Via text or email... we just need to see the legal document before we can call you for an effective consultation. That call is pretty simple... usually a few quick questions and we'll know if there’s value in having us defend you. We'll give you a brief idea of the expected results at that time as well.

EZ NO BS Step1Step#3 - Payment:

We'll email you an invoice and your payment will indicate that you wish us to move forward in fighting your ticket. (Remember there’s never any fees just to talk to us.)

Then... carry on with your life.

EZ NO BS Step1We’ll contact you via email about any significant events as they happen. When we're done, you'll receive a Detailed Disposition Report which completely spells out the results of your case.

That's it... doesn't get much easier than that! So what are you waiting for... get that ticket looked after today!