Traffic Tickets and Your Insurance Premiums

Very few drivers understand that accumulating traffic tickets on their driving record... even really minor ones... can cause catastrophic increases in their insurance premiums.

The amount of the fine on your traffic ticket has no impact on your insurance premiums. Demerit points also have no impact on your insurance premiums.

Your rates go up based on: firstly, how many traffic tickets show on your driving record over a three year period; and secondly, what each of the offences are (eg. speeding ticket, red light camera fine etc.)

Managing your driving record (often plea bargaining) is critical to controlling insurance premiums.

It used to be that insurance companies forgave one conviction on your driving record (abstract) before increasing insurance premiums (sometimes two or three for long time clients). However in recent times, many carriers have become much more ruthless.

The following list groups the various charges together in terms of how much you can expect them to raise your insurance premiums:

Minor traffic violations: (eg. Unsignalled Lane Change) - 0 to 15% +/-

Moderately serious offences: (eg. Traffic Light Violation) - up to 40%

Major offences: (eg. Careless Driving) - 100% - 400% and more!

Remember, all insurance premium increases are in effect for a minimum of 3 years. Do the math and you'll understand why you hire The Pointman to stop this from happening!

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