Offenses and Demerit Points

Wondering how what you just did will affect your driver's license? Here's a pretty good list of the traffic offenses and the demerit points you can expect on your driving record if you just pay the fine.

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  Speeding Ticket - up to 15 kph 115(2)(p) 2
  Speeding Ticket - over 15 less than 30 kph 115(2)(p) 3
  Speeding Ticket - over 30 less than 50 kph 115(2)(p) 4
  Speeding Ticket - by more than 50 kph 115(2)(p) 6
  Speeding Ticket - unreasonable rate 2(1)(a) 4
  Racing 115(2)(c) 6
Traffic Lane Violations
  Drive near centre line 2(1)(b)  2
  Driving left of centre 12(1) 3
  Crossing solid lines 15(1) 2
  Failing to signal when changing lanes 15(2) 2
  Unsafe lane change 15(4) 2
  Failing to drive in middle of marked lane 15(5) 2
  Straddling 2 lanes 15(6) 2
  Drive in centre traffic lane (3 lane highways) 16(1) 2
  Driving wrong way on one-way highway 17 3
  Drive in lane marked with "X" 27(4) 2
  Improper passing in school zone 8 3
  Meeting and passing oncoming vehicle 14 3
  Passing on hill or curve 19(1) 3
  Passing when meeting oncoming vehicle 20 3
  Overtaking and passing 21(1) 3
  Impeding passing vehicle 21(2), 22(2)(b) 3
  Passing violations 23 3
  Passing vehicle stopped at crosswalk 41(2) 4
  Failing to signal turning left or right 24 2
  Improper turns violations 25, 26 2
  Turn against sign 27 2
  Improper U-turn 29, 30 2
  U-turn by school bus 31 2
  Failing to yield right of way at intersection 34 3
  Failing to signal when stopping 35 2
  Failing to stop before entering highway 36(2) 3
  Failing to yield right of way at alley entrance 36(3) 3
  Failing to stop at stop sign 37 3
  Proceeding when unsafe 38 3
  Failing to yield right of way yield sign 39 3
  Failing to yield right of way in traffic circle 40 3
  Failing to yield at merge sign 50, 51 3
  Failing to yield to a vehicle at green light 52 3
  Failing to stop at yellow light 53 3
  Failing to yield at a flashing yellow light 53 3
  Failing to stop at red light 54 3
  Proceeding when unsafe at red light 54 3
  Failing to stop for flashing red light 54 3
  Proceeding when unsafe, flashing red light 54 3
  Disobey traffic control device 57 2
Railway Crossings/Cross Walks
  Failing to yield to a pedestrian in crosswalk 41(1) 4
  Passing vehicle stopped at crosswalk 41(2) 4
  Failing to stop at railway crossing 42(2) 3
  Drive around barrier at railway crossing 42(3) 3
  Failing to stop at stop sign at railway crossing 42(4)(a) 3
  Proceeding when unsafe at railway crossing 42(4)(b) 3
  School bus fail to stop at railway crossing 42(5) 5
  Fail to yield to pedestrian at green light 52 3
  Fail to yield to pedestrian at flashing yellow light 53(5) 3
School Buses
  U-turn by school bus 31 2
  School bus fail to stop at railway crossing 42(5) 5
  Failing to stop for school bus 72(1) 6
  Proceeding when unsafe, to pass school bus 72(2) 3
  Failing to stop for vehicle sounding siren 65(1) 3
  Following emergency vehicle too close 65(2) 3
  Failing to stop for a peace officer 166(2) 5
  Failing to remain at the scene of an accident 69(1) 7
  Failing to notify owner of unattended vehicle damage 69(2)(a) 3
  Failing to notify owner of property damage 69(2)(b) 3
  Driver fail to make traffic accident report 71(1) 3
Misc Major Offences
  Distracted Driving Ticket 115(1) 3
  Careless driving charge 115(2)(b) 6
  Stunting 115(2)(f) 3
  Following too close 18 4
  Racing 115(2)(c) 6

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Traffic Ticket Tip: Demerit Points

How does the demerit point system work in Alberta?... and can I get them removed from my driving record?

How Do Demerit Points Work?

Demerit points range from 2 to 7 depending on the offense (see a detailed list here). Accumulate 15 or more demerits on your driving record in a two-year period and you’ll have your licence suspended for 30 days.

Alberta Driver Fitness and Monitoring (formerly the Driver Control Board) sends out warning letters of suspension trouble looming when you go over 8 or more for class 5… 4 or more for GDL (Graduated Driver Licensing)… so it will never sneak up on you.

There are also additional ways to lose your license by demerit point totals.

After you have served your suspension, your license is returned to you with 7 demerits rather than zero and for the next 2 years the 15 or more demerit point total still applies. Get 15 or more again within a two year period and your license will be suspended for 6 months. When you get your license back, you begin at 10 demerits.

Multiple suspensions whether class 5 or GDL will lead to a Code M condition on your drivers abstract which places serious constraints on your record: get 2 tickets within 2 years of that condition and you can expect to be suspended indefinitely… and that frequently lasts more than a year.

Two years after your conviction date, the demerits are removed from your license.

Can I Do Anything to Get Demerit Points Taken Off My Record?

In Alberta, you can take a private or government endorsed driver training or Defensive Driving Course (DDC or Merit Course), online or in a classroom, then apply your certificate of completion to your record to get a 3 demerit point credit.

If you have 2 or more tickets on your record and choose to complete a DDC please don’t apply it to your record until you contact us. Oftentimes there’s a more optimal time to apply the DDC then immediately after you complete it.

Remember... demerit point totals have absolutely no effect on your insurance... more about that here...

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Traffic Ticket Tip: License Suspensions

How many demerit points until my licence is suspended?… and what do I do if I need it for work?

On average, in Alberta, your licence suspension begins when you accumulate 15 or more demerit points in a two-year period, at which time you’ll have your license suspended for 30 days. (much more on that here…)

…But I’ll Lose My Job If I Can’t Drive!

There can be many different reasons for a licence suspension. If it is a demerit point suspension, but you are required to have your license due to your job, then in Alberta you may apply for a “restricted licence”. The form is available for a non-refundable fee of $150 at any Registry Outlet in Alberta. This special license is not available for any other suspensions other than demerits, whether given by Driver Fitness and Monitoring or imposed by a judge.

Be sure to contact us with your tickets long before you face suspension. We have many solutions that can greatly reduce the impact of tickets on your license and insurance rates.

ABSOLUTELY contact us if you are facing suspension, for a FREE consultation about the options available to you.

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