Stunting Tickets - It's Great Fun Until You Get Caught!

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Stunting Ticket, Alberta Definition

According to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, you can get a stunting ticket when you “perform or engage in any stunt or other activity on a roadway that is likely to distract, startle, or interfere with other users of the roadway”. There are two kinds of stunting ticket in Alberta and both of them carry a whopping fine of $543.00. Which version you get (...and how nasty it is) is determined by how the officer chooses to interpret what they saw you do..

Stunting Ticket as a Passenger

The first type of stunting ticket refers to all the things you can do in a vehicle which are not necessarily a result of driving that vehicle, so they're most often given to passengers. If you like to hang out the window, flip the bird, scream at or moon other drivers, make the most of it because you’re liable for a stunting ticket! You’ll be donating that big money fine to the Province of Alberta but nothing gets reported to your driving record.

The Stunt Driving Ticket in Alberta

As a driver, if you do ANYTHING with your vehicle that MIGHT distract any other user on the road, you’re liable for that nastier version of a stunting ticket. Say hello to 3 demerits, the lovely $543.00 fine… and a pretty serious insurance premium increase waiting for you later. So when you're caught doing those donuts or brake stands, know that you'll be paying for more than just tires!

There's More...

Look down the page a bit to find out more about the ways you can receive a stunting ticket in Alberta. Some of them are pretty surprising.

How We Fight Your Stunting Ticket

At the heart of every resolution meeting we have with prosecutors about a stunting ticket is whether the officer’s application of the charge is appropriate for the circumstances. Quite often we find the officer has used the wrong version of the charge and we can negotiate a resolution that keeps the stunting ticket from showing on your driving record. Prosecutors are often open to a fine reduction as well, but not every time. We'll certainly try.

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Stunting Ticket Tip: Flashing Headlights

You just drove past a radar trap working traffic going the other direction, so you do the ‘good deed’ and flash your headlights to warn oncoming drivers. Wonder if they’ll be willing to help you pay your outrageous fine? Read on…

When we do anything while driving that is likely to ‘startle, distract or interfere with other users of the road’ we commit the offence of Stunting. That’s a $543.00 fine (ouch), 3 demerit points (double ouch) and a nasty insurance premium increase over the next three years (the biggest ouch)… all because you chose to help out those other drivers. It’s really not uncommon to find a police car sitting just down the road from the radar site watching for flashers (pun intended) …so do your best to resist temptation.

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Stunting Ticket Tip: Road Rage

We’ve all dealt with annoying drivers who seem like they must have gotten their license from a gum machine…. but before you attempt to “teach them a lesson” take a minute to find out who will be the one most likely to get “taught”. Read on...

There isn’t actually an offence called “Road Rage” but we all know what it looks like. Sometimes it’s just a yelling match back and forth, a few select finger gestures, then the drivers move on. Even that short exchange constitutes Stunting infractions for both parties… 3 demerits and a $543.00 fine just so you can remember the event fondly.

If you choose to get your vehicle involved in some kind of action to piss off the other driver, you escalate to at least a Careless Driving charge (read all about that here). That easily becomes Dangerous Driving or Criminal Negligence in the Operation of a Motor Vehicle. These criminal charges earn you license suspensions, really huge fines and a criminal record that will bar you entry into most countries (yes, really!).

The courts don’t care who started it. If both drivers are actively engaged in a Road Rage incident, BOTH will be found guilty.

So… what do you do? Stress balls are known to work wonders. (...and they’re much cheaper than the alternative)

If you’re on the receiving end of road rage, ignore drivers’ taunts and notify police immediately. Speeding away is never the right choice. If the other driver insists on bothering you, maintain your speed, or drive even more slowly and head straight for the nearest police station. Reporting the other driver’s license plate number is always a great choice. Based on what you have to say police can lay charges against that person and you’ll see them brought to justice.

From our perch, we think if that driver wants that piece of road soooo badly, let ‘em have it.

Stunting Ticket Tip: Stunt Driving Ticket

Driving season is here… yaaahoooo! But chirping your tires, doing burn outs, wheelies and catwalks can earn you a pretty seriously expensive ticket. Oh, and passengers…don’t go thinking you’re immune. You can get that same nasty $543.00 fine too! Read on…

So here’s the straight goods on how the law works:

As a driver , if you do ANYTHING with your vehicle that MIGHT distract any other user on the road, you’re liable for a Stunting charge, the lovely $543.00 fine that goes with it… AND 3 demerits. There’s a pretty serious insurance premium increase waiting for you as well.

And a notice to all you passengers that like to hang out the window or do other things to/at other users of the road (like hangin’ a moon, flippin’ the bird, screaming etc.) you’re liable for that Stunting ticket too! You’ll get the big money fine but nothing reported to your driving record.

Here’s an excerpt from the actual law:
“Anyone who drives a vehicle so as to perform or engage in any stunt or other activity on a highway that is likely to distract, startle or interfere with other users of the highway is guilty of Stunting.”

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