What People Are Saying About The Pointman

In this age of cynicism towards business and marketing it is more important than ever to be authentic.

At The Pointman, we take the age old stance of truly wanting to serve our customers well and we continually “sweat the small stuff". That is why you can expect a prompt and personal answer to all serious inquiries online or via email by a human... not a form reply. You can expect a prompt phone call to discuss your case. You can expect honest and clear answers. You can expect us to let you know if you are better off NOT using our services.

At The Pointman, we work hard to be as devoted to our customers as we want you to be to us.

Go ahead, give us a shot... you'll never look at a traffic ticket the same way again.

"This man is an absolute godsend! Went above and beyond not only mine, but HIS expectations of himself. I won't go into details but Randall is a miracle worker and brought my little family a Christmas miracle even on a tight budget. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I will never so much as blink an eye before referring his services. Cheers!"

Courtney Lynn (via Facebook)

"Absolutely thrilled with the outcome of our case and would very highly recommend Randall and his team. Absolute professionalism with a human touch, not enough of that in the world these days... Thank you again and bless you for what you do for others."

Nicole Garden (via Facebook)

"Very nice man... this is the person who u can trust. thanks Randall."

Sajid Majeed (via Facebook)

"Good people who do good work!"

Mark Davidson (via Facebook)


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  • Argue your case with prosecutors and in front of a traffic court judge
  • Reduce or eliminate your traffic ticket, demerit points & protect your insurance premiums from increasing
  • Save you money, time & give you peace of mind
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