Why Should I Fight My Traffic Ticket?

Nobody likes getting traffic tickets… but it seems like there's nothing more to do except to suck it up and pay the fine:

  • Professional traffic court defense is expensive.
  • Who has the time to fight traffic tickets?
  • Nothing much is going to change anyway.


We'll answer each of them later.

What many people don’t realize is that by just paying their traffic tickets, they’re actually damaging their driving record, which in turn increases their insurance premiums… costing them enormous amounts of money. Even minor traffic violations can raise your insurance rates dramatically.

Hey, What About Demerit Points?

You’d think the obvious reason to fight a ticket is to control your demerit points. It’s important… but not MOST important. Demerit point totals are only of interest to the Alberta Driver Fitness and Monitoring… more than 14 demerits in two years and your licence is suspended. Many traffic tickets carry no demerit points but can still have a HUGE impact.

So… Back to Our Scheduled Program… Insurance Premiums

Your insurance premiums are driven up every time you just pay a traffic ticket… as much as 25-400% over 3 years! Our primary objective is to prevent those insurance increases and keep your hard earned money in your pocket. Read more about tickets and insurance rates here.

Now… In Answer to Our Opening Statements…

Your situation can absolutely improve.

The majority of traffic tickets can be negotiated to stay off your driving record and many charges are easily modified to have significantly less impact on your driving record… and your wallet.

It takes so very little time to fight your ticket.

If you have a smart phone, a computer or even just a regular phone, you can complete the task with us right where you are… in just a few minutes. See our “Easy No Brainer System” for more details.

Expensive is relative.

You’ll spend significantly less than you’d expect for so much more than you bargained for… and the hidden expenses (did we mention insurance?) may be astronomical if you just pay. SO DON’T! Try us out… that No Obligation Consultation is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Reduce or eliminate your demerit points, protect your insurance premiums from increasing, and most importantly, save money and time. That adds up to peace of mind for you.

Because Everybody Just LOVES Fighting Traffic Tickets!

Our "Easy No Brainer System" makes the process effective, yet so very simple so you can just get on with your life!

Find Out How!

Traffic Ticket Tip: Don't Just Pay Your Ticket

If a Calgary traffic cop gives you a ticket you HAVE to pay it… right? Not exactly…

The Calgary Traffic Court System is jammed to the rafters with traffic tickets.

Why? Though we respect our local police, they are fallible, just like you and me. We routinely find mistakes, misconceptions, and outright blown observations in officers’ notes about incidents they’ve witnessed.

Many charges can be easily reduced or even thrown out of court.

Less than 5% of drivers ever dispute their charges. In Calgary alone, more than half a million times a year people are just laying down and taking their licks from the system while unneccesarily letting their demerit points and insurance premiums skyrocket.

Don't be one of them.

Find out more about why challenging traffic tickets is so very important... and how we can help you do that effectively.

Find out how traffic tickets affect your vehicle insurance rates.

Contact Us to Save Money, Time, Stress, AND Never See the Inside of a Courtroom!

What The Pointman Will Do for You:
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  • Appear in traffic court so you never have to go to court
  • Argue your case with prosecutors and in front of a traffic court judge
  • Reduce or eliminate your traffic ticket, demerit points & protect your insurance premiums from increasing
  • Save you money, time & give you peace of mind
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