Why Should I Use the Pointman?

If you’ve ever received a speeding ticket, or any other traffic ticket, then you need The Pointman. If you’ve ever just PAID a traffic ticket, then you need us EVEN MORE.

We're Experienced

Randall Boyd Hicks, The Pointman, is Calgary’s original traffic ticket agent… actually the first in Western Canada. He has the most experience and expertise with more than 40 years involvement in traffic law. (See Randall's credentials).

With just a few questions he will immediately assess your unique needs and will ALWAYS take the time to make sure you know why we need to defend you a certain way.

We're Effective

More than 150,000 traffic tickets personally reviewed with a 99.5% success rate! Thousands of times over the years, our efforts have resulted in clients’ insurance premiums actually reducing! We think you’ll find it’s a great idea to get that traffic ticket looked after by The Pointman.

We're Honest

Our Promise to You: If we can't improve your situation and there's no benefit to hiring us, we'll tell you that…. BUT, if we can keep your driving record clean of the ticket, and/or can manage your case to protect your insurance costs, we’ll tell you why and let you decide. The no obligation consultation is absolutely FREE!

We're Efficient

Our “Easy No Brainer System” makes fighting your traffic ticket nearly effortless!

Don't believe us?

See what our clients have said about us on our Testimonials page!

Don't Delay

If you received any of the following, we can help you NOW!

Trustworthy. Honorable. Unshakeable Integrity and Performance

Fighting Your Traffic Tickets is Now Easier Than.... Breakfast?

Actually with our "Easy No Brainer System" you could probably get that traffic ticket taken care of while you're eating yours!

Find Out How!

Looking for Traffic Ticket Tips?

You can find them here.

Contact Us to Save Money, Time, Stress, AND Never See the Inside of a Courtroom!

What The Pointman Will Do for You:
  • Contact you quickly once we receive your information (just a 5 minute phone call is usually all it takes)
  • Appear in traffic court so you never have to go to court
  • Argue your case with prosecutors and in front of a traffic court judge
  • Reduce or eliminate your traffic ticket, demerit points & protect your insurance premiums from increasing
  • Save you money, time & give you peace of mind
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